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We proudly present SkateMate, a groundbreaking universal skate sharpener designed to revolutionize the way you care for your skates.

With SkateMate you never have to worry about dull rails again. Our innovative design consists of a compact, resilient cylinder, uniquely coated with a cutting-edge, super-strong ceramic abrasive that ensures unparalleled sharpness. This new concept allows you to sharpen your skating shoes anytime, anywhere, so you can always perform at your best on the ice.

Which package should I choose?


If you choose Skatemate Hockey, you get a Skatemate that works for your hockey skates.

The package contains:
– Skatemate Skating Slip

Figure skating

If you choose Skatemate Figure, you get a Skatemate that works for your figure skates.

The package contains:
– Skatemate Skating Slip
– 2pcs small sanding rolls
– 2 large sanding rolls

Bandy/Long-distance travel

If you choose Skatemate Bandy/Långfärd, you get a Skatemate that works for your skates.

The package includes:
– Skatemate Skating Slip
– Diamond kit for surface grinding

Easy to use

Take it with you wherever you go - small and handy

The whole idea behind Skatemate was simplicity, which both we and our customers think we have succeeded with. You can take it everywhere, just put it in your pocket, bag or carry it in your hand.
Fixing your cuts has never been easier.

Suitable for all types of skates

With a SkateMate in hand, you can give your rails a truly professional sharpening that lasts for many hours!

Included in the package

1st SkateMate Pro
1st Sanding kit (6 different rolls and 1 Diamond attachment).

SkateMate adapts to the rail in two ways.
– Turn the knobs simultaneously to open the SkateMate enough before putting it on the rail.
– Then turn the knobs to adjust the SkateMate on the rail so that it stays in place. Then turn it back slightly until it slides freely.
– Because the grinding cylinder is elastic and yields to LAGOM pressure, it adapts to different bowl shaped rails. The diamond additive is NOT elastic and for this (long distance & bandy) a medium hard pressure is required.
– Work first with short strokes and finish with long sweeping strokes to bring out the crucial sharpness. Don’t push too hard, let the SkateMate do the work.
– When grinding is complete, burrs appear on the outside of the rail. Using the deburring strips on the top edge of the SkateMate, you can easily deburr the rail.

Grinding rolls & burrs
– 100(COARSE) is the coarser grain size of the grinding cylinder and is recommended for worn rails.
– 120 is a finer grain size and is recommended for rails that only need sharpening.

The abrasive material is of a durable type that is also water resistant so that it does not get soaked by ice and water. The elastic cylinder is made of a well-tested material that molds to the ROH (Radius of hollow) of different rails.

– Dimensions: 70 x 27 x 24 mm – Weight: 60 grams

Make sure to read the instruction manual for the best results on your rail.

ATTENTION! SkateMate is not intended for priming, but for maintaining sharpness.

Satisfied customers

38 countries - over 25 years of experience

Our business model is simple and so are our customers! It has paid for itself after just a few sandings. No other skate sharpener is so well suited to so much.
Try it today!

Fast deliveries

We deliver to the whole world

We make every effort to get your order to you as soon as possible. Delivery time is 2-5 working days. If you have any questions about your order, you can always contact our customer service and they will help you.

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