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The idea behind Skatemate is that it should be easy to use. Nevertheless, we have put together a small sharpening school so that you can easily feel comfortable using the product.

Would you have any other questions that you cannot find answers to here? Then you can always contact us.

See our instructions

Click on the PDF file opposite to see instructions for your Skatemate.

Questions & Answers

How to use the SkateMate Pro Complete?
To best understand how SkateMate works, watch the videos we put here under the Grinding School.

There are also written instructions to download.

How long can you sand without changing the sanding roll?
This is due to a couple of things. How often you grind and how worn your rails are. If you have a good basic sharpening and still travel frequently, a sanding roller will last a long time. You rotate it from time to time so that you use the full sanding surface of the roller.

If you have very worn rails or you ski mostly on natural ice – use the coarser 100-grit sanding roller. It provides a coarse grind that can then be supplemented with the finer grit paper (120 grit) for a razor-sharp edge.

How hard should the SkateMate be pressed against the rail?
This is where a little emotion comes in, but the important thing is – don’t push too hard! It is the flexible grinding cylinder that should do the job, not muscle power! A tip is to draw a black ink line in the bowl – it should take about 30 seconds to remove all the paint. And then the rail is sharpened!

Do you have to buy extra accessories?
No. SkateMate Pro Complete is a complete package containing EVERYTHING needed to sharpen ALL types of skates. Recreational sledders can last 2-3 seasons with the same sanding rolls. Those who train and play matches may need an extra release package – therefore we offer this in the shop with -28% discount.

Why do you include different types of abrasives?
SkateMate is designed as a slip that fits all types of skates. You should never have more than one slip in a family if you have different types of skates. All parts have a purpose. There are large rolls with different coarseness, there are small rolls to suit smaller ROH and there is a flat grinding detail with a diamond strip for those who do not bowl grind their rails. This part also serves as a holder for the smaller sanding roller.

What is the cost of shipping?
A package of SkateMate Pro Complete is sent free of charge worldwide.

When buying a loose sanding package, a shipping fee of 39:- is added because you achieve free shipping when buying more than 300:-.


Here you will find the best skate sharpener you can find! We want to celebrate this by offering YOU a 24% discount until the end of the year. 24/12.



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