About Skatemate

Skatemate began its story in a garage in Sweden, like so many smart innovations.

Over many years, the original idea of a small, user-friendly skate grinder has been refined and improved to become the global success it is today. To date, Skatemate has been sold in over 35 countries, and somewhere along the way we lost count of exactly how many we produced and delivered.

Since the inventor E. Ellestad himself had roots in the United States, it was natural to look to that market first. For many years, sales were handled under license by an American company, but for some years now they have been handled by a reliable dealer – who has also been active with the instructional videos available on YouTube.

Retailers can be found throughout Europe, but the fact that we have managed to find users in so many countries is not least due to users finding us and shopping in our successful webshop.

The product has a global patent and SkateMate is a registered trademark worldwide. It is the only skate sharpener that works with all types of skates thanks to its flexibility and the accessories we have developed.

Today, the entire company’s operations are located in Sweden and in Eskilstuna more specifically. From here, parts of the production, marketing, sales and deliveries around the world are managed.

The company SkateMate is owned and operated by Per Andersson (Pesu Sweden AB) and his primary goal now is to process a neglected market, namely the Swedish one.

SkateMate fits all types of skating skates and in this webshop you buy a complete package – SkateMate Pro – which is suitable for both professionals and amateurs in hockey, bandy, figure skating, short track, speed skating and of course long distance skating. All in one product.

And as we say in the company: SkateMate – Never a Dull Moment.
With a SkateMate in hand, everyone has the same conditions to always skate on freshly sharpened skates!!!

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