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Down below you will find som videoinstructions on how to use SkateMate and some Questions and Answers.
You can also download the set of instructions by clicking on the icon. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Suitable for children and youth sports

  • Everyone always has freshly sharpened skates
  • Players develop faster
  • Easy to use even for young players
  • Team leaders won't have to stand in the grinding room
  • Everyone always has the sharpener with them
  • The whole family can use the same sharpener for long trips, figure skating, etc.

Questions and Answers

How do I use the SkateMate Pro Complete?
To best understand how to use the SkateMate Pro, look at the videos published below.

You can also download a pdf with written instructions.

How much can you grind your blades without replacing the cylinder?
This depends on different things, mainly how often you sharpen the blades and how worn down your blades are. If you have a good initial grinding on your skates, but skate often, then a cylinder will last for quite long. Just turn the cylinder a little every time you use it so that you take advantage of the whole cylinder.

If you have very worn down blades or mainly skate on natural ice – it’s recommended to use the coarser cylinder(100-grit). This will give a good base grind and you can adjust the edges to get very sharp using the finer cylinder(120-grit).

How hard should you push the SkateMate down on the blade?
This requires some feeling, but most importantly – not too hard! It’s the flexible grinding cylinder that should do the job, not pure muscle strength! A pro tip is to use a black marker and draw a line in the grounding. It should then take approx. 30 seconds to grind the blade clean. Then it’s sharpened.

Do you need extra accessories?
No. The SkateMate Pro Complete includes EVERYTHING you need to grind ALL types of skates. Leisure skaters will have enough grinding capacity for 2-3 seasons, while a skater playing frequent games and training often might need an extra pack of grinding cylinders. For that reason we sell these packs in the webshop with a -28% discount all the time.

Why are you including differnet types of grinding accessories?
SkateMate is developed as a sharpener for all types of skates. You will never need to buy another sharpener even if your family have different types of skates. All parts included has a purpose. The larger rolls comes with different grit, the smaller rolls is used for blades with narrow ROH and the Flat diamond insert with diamond abresive is used when you have flat blades. This insert is also the holder for the smaller rolls.

What’s the shipping cost?
A SkateMate Pro Complete pack is sent for free to whereever you want it sent.

If you buy a pack of extra accessories that will cost $4.5 if your purchase sum is less than $35

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