SkateMate Pro Complete

Professional sharpener for your blades. Suitable for both hollow-grounded skates, like hockey, figure and leisure, but also for flat blades like bandy and touring. This complete set includes: 1 pcs SkateMate Pro, 2 pcs Large Grinding Cylinders Fine (120-grit), 2 pcs Large Grinding Cylinders Coarse (100-grit), 2 pcs Small Grinding Cylinders Coarse and 1 pcs Diamond Flat Insert.


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Fits all types of skates
With a SkateMate close-by you can easily give your blades a professional edge that lasts for many hours.

Included in the package
1st SkateMate Pro
1 pack of Grindning Accessories(Incl 6 grinding cylinders and 1 Diamond insert.

SkateMate adapts to the rail in two ways.

- Turn the rolls simultaneously to open the SkateMate sufficiently before placing it on the blade.
- Then turn the rolls to carefully adjust the SkateMate on the blade so that it’s secure, then turn it back a bit until it slides freely.
- Since the grinding cylinder is elastic and yields to pressure, it adapts to different hollow-ground blades. The Diamond insert will NOT yield to pressure, so push medium-hard.
- First work with short strokes and finish with long sweeping strokes to bring out the crucial sharpness. Do not push too hard, let SkateMate do the work.
- When the grinding is complete, burrs occur on the outside of the blade. With the help of the deburring strips on the top of the SkateMate, you can easily deburr the blades.

Grinding Cylinders & Grain
100(Coarse) has a coarse grain on the cylinder is recommended for worn blades.
– 120(Fine) has a fine grain and is recommended for blades that only need a touch-up.

Slipmaterialet är av en slitstark keramisk typ som dessutom är vattentåligt så att det inte blöts upp utav is och vatten. Den elastiska cylindern är av ett väl framtestat material som formar sig efter olika skenors ROH (Radius of hollow/skålningsradie)

- Size: 70 x 27 x 24 mm – Weight: 60 grams

Be sure to read the instruction manual for best results on your blades.
NOTE! SkateMate is not intended for basis grinding, but to retain and maintain sharpness

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