SkateMate History

Like so many other great innovations, SkateMate was born in a garage – in Sweden.

During the past +15 years the original idea of an handheld skate sharpener has been adjusted and improved, up until today as a global success story. SkateMate has up to date been sold to more than 35 countries worldwide, and somewhere along the way we lost count of how many SkateMates we have produced and delivered.

The inventor E. Ellestad have his roots in the US and it was a obvious choice to focus on that market in the beginning. For many years SkateMate was sold under a licence agreement by a local company, but the past few years all sales have been supervised by a trusted retailer, very much involved too to instruct customers how to use the SkateMate. His instructions can be found all over YouTube.

We have retailers all over Europe, but the main reason why we have customers from so many different countries is that they themselves have found our successful webshop.

Today the complete business is located in Norrköping, Sweden. From here we run production, marketing, sales and deliveries all around the world.

The company SkateMate Trading is run by owner Stefan Hammarström and his primary vision now is to work the local Swedish market.

The unique thing about the SkateMate skate sharpener is that it suits ALL types of blades. The webshop only contains one product – the SkateMate Pro – a kit that suits complete beginners as well as professionals in icehockey, figure skating, bandy, tour skating, short track and speed skating. One product fits all!

Like we say, with SkateMate it’s Never a Dull Moment!
With a SkateMate in your hand you have the same basis as everyone else to always skate on sharp edges!


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