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PLEASE NOTE: For best results, we
recommend our special RETROFIT KIT
for blades with ROHs of 5/16th or 3/8th inch.
And/or for flat-ground blades, choose our new
SkateMate 3-IN-1 BANDY PRO.

NEW SkateMate 3-IN-1 BANDY PRO designed for flat-ground blades of any width
— from Scandinavian bandy skates to the fastest speed skates.


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I’ve been a happy SkateMate (sharpener) user for about 7 years (purchased on-line). It has saved me a ton on money and aggravation and is worth it’s weight in gold! [From U.S.A.]
I stumbled across the Skate Mate looking for skate accessories and a way to prolong needing to sharpen my blades. (there's only one sharpener out of 5 even remotely close that actually knows what he's doing) I was EXTREMELY Skeptical of Skate Mate, but figured for the price, it was worth a shot. When I got it I was surprised at how small and compact it was, I thought to myself, "how can this little thing help MY Skates?"æ To my shock and amazement, the Skate Mate not only sharpened my edges, it also helped to correct a mistake an inexperiencedæsharpener made! It's a very well thought out and well put together tool.
As for competitors to the Skate Mate, there are NONE because it stands alone! The only other sharpener I've seen/tried was a Y shaped "honing" stone that ruined my ROH. It claimed it was perfect for hockey skates, but I'm convinced that it was invented by someone who has no idea how ice skates work. The Skate Mate is the best, and gets my recommendation to EVERYONE I know!æ
Makes a great Christmas / Birthday gift too! For the price you CANNOT lose! THANK YOU for the Skate Mate! [From U.S.A.]

We received the BANDY PRO and it works absolutely great!!...He loves it!!...THANKS!!! [From U.S.A.]
I am a transplanted Englishman living in Canada, I have an eleven year old son who has decided to take up hockey. Well as you can probably guess I know next to nothing about hockey, skates etc. So as my son came off the ice complaining of "Wobbly Skates" I went to the store to get them sharpened, my son went on the ice and complained again about "Wobbly Skates".
I went to the store that sharpened the skates spoke to the people who had sharpened them and was subjected to the "Look" (This guy is an Idiot, we have been sharpening skates for years of course we can sharpen skates.)
I came home fit to be tied, went down to my trusty computer and started to do some research. I found your product, looked at the testimonials and looked for a long time at the limited pictures you had available. As a trained engineer your product appealed to my basic maxim, "An Engineer is someone who can do for pennies what everyone else is doing for dollars".
Your product arrived. I sharpened the skates the first time, crossed my fingers and sent my son onto the ice.
He had the best game of the season, he could stop, turn and, guess what, no "Wobbly Skates".
Awesome, great product, I will recommend you to anyone who will listen, congratulations, respectfully. [From Canada]

THANK YOU...This is one extremely efficient, easy (almost idiot proof), "most excellent" piece of equipment. My son, especially after sharpening his skates, MUST now use your Skatemate. Otherwise he feels he just got a bad sharpening. Your tool does exactly what it says it will, which makes it already a step above most other "similar" items. My son has stated that his skates are much, much smoother even on bad ice surfaces. I have seen & have also confirmed it with him that his skates no longer seem to chatter "EVER"! [From U.S.A.]

"I was reluctant to use the device to sharpen my speed skates BUT tried the device you sold to another speed skate user recently. It proved effective for an edge slightly dulled during a workout, making it unnecessary to pull out the jig whetstone etc. during a skating session with limited time available." Thanks again. [From U.S.A.]

It's a long story but.... I don’t skate. I bought SkateMate for my son, Sean, who started playing hockey 5 years ago at age 7 in a house league. Being new then to taking care of hockey skates, I thought it was ridiculous to go to the pro shop and get them sharpened every week at $5 a pop. I went on the internet and the only truly portable sharpener I thought was worth the money was the Skatemate. Since then my son has played on 5 high level travel teams and prior to each game his skates are sharpened and honed with the Skatemate. We've gone to at least 25 tournaments in the last five years and I've used the Skatemate at everyone. As my son got older his skates got more expensive and now he's wearing a $400 pair of VaporXX and I still use the Skatemate on them. When we use the Skatemate his overall skating is much improved with smoother turns and better edge control. The combination of all this makes him a more potent player. Thanks. [From U.S.A.]
Just a quick comment about this item. My husband wanted this, I wasn't convinced but humoured him.Today was my first coaching lesson since the Xmas break. My coach was amazed at how well I was skating, couldn't believe how much better I was and wanted to know what I had 'taken' during the Xmas break! It wasn't until I got home [that] I realised the skates had been sharpened using this tool! My edges were clearer and easier and I could do steps which are pretty well beyond my capabilites, or were last year! This is absolutely true! Even skate sharpening doesn't get the same effect. It's a miracle tool, I'm convinced of it. So, thank you for such a great product and a wonderful tool! [From England]
We have had our Skatemate for just under a year now. I think it's the cat’s meow in cost savings, and our daughter says it’s great because her blades stay at a consistant feel on the ice. Great product. [From Illinois]

I've been using SkateMate for a couple of years now, and have had to replace cylinders and Teflon strips, but man, I have to say, that this is quite possibly the BEST invention for a skater that I know. I LOVE it! [From Washington ]

I bought a skatemate about a year ago and love it! It DEFINITELY saved me a bundle of money on skate sharpenings! [From Washington]
I was amazed at how quickly my SkateMate was delivered. Great!! ...I've already put a nice edge back on my skates.... Thanks again!! Yoku dekimashita (=well done!!) [From Japan]

I purchased a Skate Mate for my 7 year old son. He loves it as I do too.... [From Maine]

I really love your product, I am gonna tell everyone who have a pair of skate to buy your great great product!!!!! [From Hong Kong]
My Skatemate arrived yesterday! I sharpened my figure skates and then my husband did his hockeys. They are so lovely and sharp now! [From New Zealand]

It works GREAT! Thanks. [From Idaho]

... and tell you too that just arrived I do have use it on my skates and I may say I got surprised. Now I can run on sharpen skates .... THANKS [From Argentina: Ice-skating instructor]
I am happy to say that your SkateMates have arrived! I could not wait to try it out on my own skates. The teflon strips make it glide across the steel. Assembly and disassembly is simple and quickly accomplished. Even final sizing adjustments are a breeze. Congratulations on inventing a fine product! [From Canada]

Just a note to let you know that the Skatemate arrived today, and I have to say that I’m impressed! Just a few swipes had our skates very sharp. I particularly liked the adjustable housing that allows a good fit on all of our skates. Very precise (like a tool should be). [From Alaska]
... 'Well done, for inventing the SkateMate. I was apprehensive about buying it at first (Not really believing something so simple could work) however on the first use my scepticism was proved wrong. This is one ingenious little gismo and it really works. [From England]

Just a note to let you know that the Skatemate arrived today, and I have to say that I’m impressed! Just a few swipes had our skates very sharp. I particularly liked the adjustable housing that allows a good fit on all of our skates. Very precise (like a tool should be). [From Alaska]

I use the skatemate on my daughter’s “vision” blades by MK. I have had very good results each sharpening. Thank you for your ‘vision’. [From California]

I gotta say that I just love that little gadget. It does a wonderful job. I live about 70 miles from the nearest professional skate sharpening so it will really come in handy. Thanks. [From Texas: Ice Hockey Team]

I believe that with the sharpness achieved with the SkateMate, I’ll save at least 75% of $$$$$$ spent on sharpening. Thanks again. [From California]
I received my SkateMate, and I think it is greater than sliced bread. I use it about once a week.... Skatemate saves me the time from trying to find a sharpener that I can trust. [From Texas]

I recently purchased one and am amazed at how easy it is to use and how quickly it sharpened my blades. I purchased the SkateMate out of frustration as there is no really qualified skate sharpeners at the rinks I use. [From Virginia]

Yes. They are sharp!! .... The skates are very sharp and I am very pleased. [From California]
Just a quick note to say again how much I love my SkateMate—the new Mylar cradle is very helpful. I thought you’d like to hear this: a few people at our rink have purchased an alternative product for their sharpening needs. This other product comes as a “kit” with one size only and costs much more than SkateMate. In fact, both families have several skaters, but are using the same size sharpener for all their skates. I think your product is superior, and we are telling everyone so. [From Arkansas]

I love my SkateMate and have recommended it to several of my friends, who have also purchased the product and like it.... I was able to keep my skates sharpened without a problem. Thanks for producing a great product. Everytime I get a chance to tell people about your product, I do. [From Texas]
We are quite pleased with the performance of the skate sharpener. It has saved us money in weekly skate sharpenings, for I have two sons actively involved in hockey. [From Ontario, Canada]

I just wanted you to know that I received the skate sharpener and it has worked very well! I have now played three games after using your sharpener and my skates feel great! [From Texas]

My SkateMate arrived along with the tour skates. My hockey skates were very dull which made for a perfect test. Now they’re sharp! You have done a great job perfecting the SkateMate. Your years of thought and effort have produced a fantastic product. Very well done. I found it easy to use and fast. [From Maine]


SkateMate is the choice of satisfied skaters worldwide: in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela, the Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, and throughout the United States.

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